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与此相反,在Renneburg Rotacurrent和Venturijet闪存干燥器确保选择性的停留时间相称的每个产品的颗粒尺寸和重量,相应spiraloid粒子轨迹的长度表示的。

的设计中,“选择性”,这意味着同质化的^终水分含量和高品质的商业产品,没有物理或化学降解 - 加工行业无法比拟的。


产品输送Renneburg闪蒸干燥机内,诱导由空气流动 - 打算在直接接触的产品尽可能低的机械零件的数目保持在一个重要的设计概念。其结果是,即使在处理腐蚀性和/或研磨材料的植物Renneburg维护是比较低的。为了进一步加强这方面的问题,所有Renneburg闪蒸干燥机内置的可视化监控功能,并提供方便的物理访问内饰清洁。

虽然两个Renneburg闪蒸干燥机利用选择性的原则运作,各机都有自己的独特的优势。 Rotacurrent可以处理非粘性的产品,而不包混合。另一方面,Venturijet具有其自己的内部回收系统和,减少旋风和互补集尘设备的大小。

Residence Time Makes All the Difference for Flash Dryers

Central to all drying and cooling processing is the concept of "residence time." Process engineers define this as the amount of processing time necessary for a given product with a specified moisture content, particle size, physical structure and temperature to reach a desired final state of dryness. In conventional or "straight-tube" flash dryers, determining the residence time is a calculation involving the length of the tube, the makeup of the material to be processed and the air velocity which moves the material from feed to discharge.

Heyl & Patterson has a Renneburg Division alternative to this traditional approach to dryer/cooler technology, offering variable residence time in a shorter tube, since geometrical height is not tied to retention time. In the Renneburg Flash Dryer, the residence time is adjusted by the spiroidal path of the particles. Operators can increase residence time by as much as a factor of five, depending on specific product requirements.

The residence time in conventional straight-tube flash dryers is approximately the same for all products, regardless of individual physical properties. Finer particles, when exposed to high inlet gas temperatures can be degraded or toasted. In some cases, heat-sensitive products can catch fire or cause explosions.

In contrast, the Renneburg Rotacurrent and Venturijet Flash Dryers ensure a selective residence time proportionate to each products particle size and weight, represented by the length of the corresponding spiraloid particle trajectory.

This designed-in "selectivity" means homogeneous final moisture content and a high quality commercial product, without physical or chemical degradation -- unmatched in the processing industry.

Inside the straight-tube flash dryer, all processing is based on a linear air flow and the unavoidable short residence time. Heat transfer is limited utilizing linear flow, given the relative velocity between the product particle and the conveying hot air. As an alternative, Renneburg Flash Dryers develop tangential air flow. This design greatly improves the retention time and heat transfer.

Within Renneburg Flash Dryers, product conveying is induced by air movement -- an important design concept intended to keep the number of mechanical parts in direct contact with the product as low as possible. As a consequence, Renneburg maintenance even in plants which process corrosive and/or abrasive materials is relatively low. To further enhance this aspect, all Renneburg Flash Dryers have built-in visual monitoring capabilities and provide easy physical access to interiors to clean out.

While both Renneburg Flash Dryers operate utilizing the selective principle, each dryer has its own particular advantages. The Rotacurrent can handle non-sticky products without pack-mixing. On the other hand, the Venturijet has its own internal recycle system and reduces the size of cyclones and complementary dust collection equipment.

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